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What's happening at Theatretech?

November 2023

Lingfield College

Reading Blue Coat School

Walsall PAV

The Cidermill Theatre, Chipping Campden

Kings’s School, Vattanacville, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Grammar School at Leeds, Yorkshire

Other School Projects

Villiers School, Southall

Cambridge School of Bucharest, Romania

Lingfield College

Lingfield, Sussex

Theatretech are the specialist theatre consultants, working closely with Habitat+ Architects, remodelling an existing School Hall. The Hall is an elongated rectangle, with a raised stage one end, and a first floor gallery the opposite end, windows one side of the Hall, and a low suspended ceiling throughout.


The project is to remove the ceiling and open up to the roof which will gain some extra rigging and lighting height, install a double platform retractable seating unit which extends twice the distance as normal (see our project at Trinity School Croydon in ‘Projects’ (link), re-organise the stage area to effect some versatility, install a control room and completely modernise the stage, house lighting and audio systems, rigging etc.


Project is currently starting Stage 4 design, and is due out to tender in the New Year, with a start summer 2024.


Lingfield School.jpg

Reading Blue Coat School


A new Performing Arts facility has been discussed for many years, and Theatretech have been part of those discussions. This has now resulted in a new scheme being prepared by architects Gray Baines and Shew, and is going to Planning this November, with a targeted start on site summer 2024.


The scheme involves a partial demolition and enlargement of an existing system-build performance space, with an enlarged auditorium/stage footprint, and increased height and volume. Foyer space is increased, and catering and toilet provision included. Backstage areas include two Drama Studios, some workshop and storage space and dressing areas. There will be a retractable seating system for 240 seats, but with flexible staging that can create different staging formats and therefore varied seating numbers. The theatre will otherwise be fully equipped with the latest stage and house lighting systems, hoist rigging etc.


There are music suites within this building, but there is a separate converted Music annexe, with individual practice rooms and instrument storage.


Theatretech are the theatre consultants for the project.


Reading Blue Coat.jpg
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Walsall PAV


The local Council at Walsall are exploring ways to regenerate the town centre and environs, and part of the planned mix is to convert an existing central shopping centre into a 1200 seat touring theatre.


This will be a largely traditional end stage theatre, with a full height flytower and orchestra pit, and otherwise equipped to current technical standards.


There will also be a 300 seat flexible multi-purpose Hall and other break out spaces suitable for hire purposes, foyers and backstage facilities etc., giving direct access to catering and leisure facilities provided by the immediately adjacent shopping centre.

Architects are Associated Architects, and Theatretech are the theatre and acoustic consultants.


Currently at concept stage


LUF Image 1.png
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The Cidermill Theatre

Chipping Campden


A new stand-alone Performing Arts building on the Chipping Campden School site is now complete and gives the School a purpose built large Hall suitable for a range of music and drama productions, along with a separate Drama Studio.


The back wall of the Main Hall can be opened up so that the Drama Studio can be a support space for the Hall, or vice versa, enabling much larger productions such as musicals etc.

The Hall is equipped with the latest stage lighting and audio systems and equipment, and a full-blown cinema projection system which allows live streaming of performances from major cultural institutions as well as new release commercial films.


It is intended that both spaces will have strong community use as well as a teaching facility for the School. 

Theatretech were the specialist consultants, and Acanthus Clews the architects.


Completed end of 2022.

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Kings’s School, Vattanacville

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Brand new campus for Kings School Canterbury in Cambodia comprising full facilities for children from 3 to 18 years, including some boarding provision.


Performing Arts facilities include a 800 seat concert/assembly hall fully equipped technically, a state-of-the-art 300 seat drama theatre with retractable and mobile seating, tension wire grid etc., a separate 200 seat recital hall, several smaller drama studios, dance and recording etc.


Architects are Walters and Cohen, and Theatretech are the theatre and acoustic design consultants.


Currently on site, likely completion first half of 2024.

Kings School Cambodia.jpg
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Grammar School

Leeds, Yorkshire


A new 350 seat end-stage theatre extending from the existing main school concourse, with retractable seating to create varied seating formats, and which will be fully equipped with the latest technology, including all new LED stage lighting, hot power and multiple DMX address, digital audio, projection, etc., and a comprehensive network of high level catwalks.


Rigging over the stage will comprise some fixed bars and tab tracks, and some motorised sets.


The acoustic of the theatre can be varied by up to 0.4 of a second by deploying acoustic banners on the side walls.

Architects are Evans McDowall Architects, and Theatretech are the theatre and acoustic design consultants.


Currently on site, due for completion summer 2024.

Grammar School at Leeds.jpg
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Villiers School


A complete upgrade of a traditional listed Hall, with the addition of retractable seating linking to a refurbished existing gallery level, the addition of a control room at the rear, and extension to the existing stage, and a segmented canopy with lighting bars between reflector elements.

main contractor Galower Builders Ltd, and specialist theatre installation by Henley Theatre Services

Completed November 2023 - See more images and info here

Villiers H2.jpg
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Cambridge School of Bucharest


​Theatretech are responsible for the design of a 350 seat theatre and a pair of Drama Studios, Recording Studio and Music Room in one of the two buildings that comprise the new School buildings, on a campus site to the north of Bucharest.


Theatretech are the specialist theatre consultants to the School, working with concept architects YTAA from Beirut and K-Box, the local architect’s of record.


The design is complete to tender stage, and we are awaiting local planning, with the current intention of starting on site in the summer of 2023.

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