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Villiers High School


Grade 2 listed traditional panelled school hall with a seating gallery one end and a decorative proscenium and raised stage the other.


The project was to reconfigure the gallery and break through the balustrade so that aisles from a new retractable seating system link up with gallery seating, install a small control room at the back, and install a suspended acoustic canopy over the forestage area incorporating new stage lighting bars with speaker positions. 


The Stage was extended into the auditorium to allow the forestage in front of the structural proscenium to be a day to day presentation and small acting/dance area, and large sliding panelled doors could be drawn across the proscenium so that the refurbished stage area could be used as a separate Drama Studio.


The stage and house lighting were completely renewed, with programmable house lighting accentuating the architecture of the auditorium, and the audio system fully upgraded.


Architect RCZM, theatre and technical design Theatretech.


The project was completed November 2024.

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