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Yarm School

North Yorkshire

Theatretech were appointed as Theatre Consultants by Associated Architects to this new 750 seat theatre which was part of a £20 million development at Yarm School, Teesside.

The theatre is a flexible space catering for school assemblies, music concerts, large scale musical and dramatic performances, school worship, etc., and is also available for hire to the wider local community. The main seating retracts back to create a flat floor suitable for dinner/dance, exhibitions etc., and there is an orchestra elevator that can be raised as an extension to the main stage, be lowered to hall floor level, and to basement level to form a musician’s pit.

There is an acoustic screen that can pull across the curved proscenium to completely shut off the stage, which is then a completely separate Studio Theatre. The overall facility is equipped to professional theatre standards.

Yarm--280113-197 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-178 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-185 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-171 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-162 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-134 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-161 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-144 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-142 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-146 (low-res)
Yarm--280113-151 (low-res)

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