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Warwick School


Warwick Hall is a high quality conversion of a previous large assembly hall at Warwick School. The School already has a purpose built theatre for dramatic productions, so this hall was geared towards whole School assemblies, lectures, presentations, and acoustically tuned for orchestral concerts.

Having said that, it is professionally equipped with stage lighting and digital audio systems and equipment, which can be operated from various locations in the auditorium and stage areas.

The stalls seating is a fully retractable and mobile unit that tracks out from the back wall under the gallery to a position that links up with the gallery to form one continuous rake from ground level to the rearmost gallery seating row.

There is a separate Studio Theatre in the backstage area, also professionally equipped.

Architects were Associated Architects, and Theatretech worked with them on the overall concept, and then the technical equipment and systems design

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