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Trinity School Music Centre


Following Theatretech’s successful conversion of the Concert Hall (also featured in this section of the website), Theatretech were commissioned by the School to design a new Music School. This was to be located in a former courtyard area just outside the Concert Hall, and involved the demolition of some existing practice rooms and the conversion of an existing two storey building into choir rooms and music offices.


The main feature of the project is a large double height Rehearsal Room, which with programmable lighting, can be used as a Recital Hall for up to 80 audience members, in any configuration, but otherwise with space for a full orchestra in rehearsal. The acoustics are specifically designed for unamplified musical instruments. There is a small recording studio at Ground floor level, and sound-proofed windows that overlook the Hall at first floor level allowing members of the staff and pupils of the Music Department a view of activities in the Hall as they pass by.

There are seventeen individual practice rooms of various sizes on two sides of the Hall separated by corridors. The rooms are of modular construction, fabricated by Studio Box from Germany, these being of modular flat-pack construction, and were deliberately selected for their acoustic properties, with some sound being perceptible from the rooms when walking down the corridors,  whilst being completely acoustically segregated between rooms.

Five of these practice rooms are located in a large room which is known as the Steinway Suite, and all rooms contain Steinway pianos of varying types, this being the first School anywhere having a complete Steinway installation.

The corridors at both levels link to various existing parts of the school, and there is a new vestibule that leads directly to the existing Concert Hall as well as the new Music Hall and other classroom blocks, the Music Centre being at the very heart of the School.

Completed October 2017

All photos copyright Ray Hardinge

Trinity Music School 01
Trinity Music School 02
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