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Radley College

Near Oxford

Theatretech were involved in a number of schemes to convert an existing theatre facility in the heart of the School. This was eventually considered impractical, and plans for a new stand-alone theatre were formulated. Theatretech worked closely with the Oxford-based architects Gray, Baynes and Shew to develop a 350 fixed seat wedge shaped auditorium, whose capacity could be increased to up to 600 and thus whole school if pupils and staff also occupied the wide stage wings.

The theatre is semi-flexible, with a small forestage that can transform into a shallow orchestra pit, and a pair of proscenium towers that act as technical lighting and audio stacks, but can move in and out, and rotate, in an advanced adjustable proscenium capacity. There are a number of hoist motors on the overstage suspension rigging sets, and lighting and sound facilities are to a professional standard.

There are generous backstage dressing rooms, and a large foyer on two levels that doubles as an art gallery.

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