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National Theatre of Cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus

Theatretech were appointed by Kythreotis Architects, the local architects for the project, to ensure that the main contractor and the specialist sub-contractor installed the specialist theatre systems, i.e. the stage rigging, stage lighting and audio systems, in accordance with the original specification, there having been a delay of over five years between design and implementation.

Theatretech were also responsible for updating the design specification where required, and in some cases, this meant some necessary alterations to the original architectural design.

The main theatre is a 460 seat traditional enclosure auditorium on three levels, looking at a proscenium format stage. The stage is equipped with motorised flying throughout, and the stage lighting and audio systems are comprehensive and commensurate with what one would expect of a National theatre.

There is a separate large Studio Theatre with two levels of gallery around the space, and lighting bridges across the space.

National Theatre Cyprus 01
National Theatre Cyprus 02
National Theatre Cyprus 03
National Theatre Cyprus 04
National Theatre Cyprus 05
National Theatre Cyprus 06
National Theatre Cyprus 07
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