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London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Theatretech were engaged as specialist theatre and audio-visual consultant, working specifically for the client, and with the architect Devereux Architects. This was a highly complex project, the new facilities being a circular structure on six levels, infilling a courtyard in the middle of the site. All materials had to be brought in and out by craning over the top of the existing buildings, or at basement level through low ceilinged passages.

The project revolved around a 300 seat semi-circular steeply raked auditorium. The stage area was suitable only for lectures and presentations, and was not destined for alternative use. The auditorium could be divided into two equal halves by deployment of a modular acoustic wall. Bridges from foyer areas connected to various levels of the surrounding existing buildings on three sides.

There is a smaller auditorium and a number of ‘break-out’ areas that can hold seminars of varying kinds, and all areas are linked with a fibre backbone so that web-streaming and ‘distance learning’ is possible. Projection and audio is digital and camera coverage is comprehensive.

London School Hygiene 01
London School Hygiene 02
London School Hygiene 03
London School Hygiene 04
London School Hygiene 05
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London School Hygiene 07
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