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Guildford School of Acting (GSA)

Guildford, Surrey

The Guildford Conservatoire, formerly the Guildford School of Acting, moved from various premises around the town of Guildford onto the Surrey University campus, to occupy a large new building with dance studios on the edge of the campus. However, the Drama and Musical Theatre courses still had to use other small theatres around town for their productions, which was not satisfactory.

The University had a redundant Sports Hall opposite the new GSA building and this was converted into a fully equipped Studio theatre called the Ivy Theatre - with a number of other drama studios and classrooms, workshop, wardrobe etc. - in a partnership deal with the University Drama department. The facility was designed by Broadway Malyan, and Theatretech were responsible for the design of all the specialist theatre technical systems and equipment.

Theatretech’s Principal Mick Way had been the Head of Design and Stage Management many years previously at the School.

Ivy Arts Centre - 5654a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5555a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5554a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5548a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5547a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5509a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5517a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5520a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5528a
Ivy Arts Centre - 5530a
GSA Ivy Arts Centre - 11
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