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Framlingham College

Framlingham, Suffolk

Theatretech were commissioned by the School to update and convert the existing Athlone Hall, which was in need of a complete modernisation. 

The design included the removal of an existing gallery which was insufficiently accessed, and a large retractable seating system installed with a central vomitorium entrance from a foyer area which was also converted with a bar and proper male and female toilets. A new suspended floor was laid, and this was pressurised to provide air to terminals hidden behind radiator panels each side of the Hall, with a new Air Handling plant in a former basement boiler room.

Some of the overstage rigging was motorised, and the motors installed in the loft space over the Hall. A new large control room at the rear of the auditorium was formed, and the rear stage wall was opened up with acoustic partitions that could open up into the large space behind the stage. A new dressing room block was added at the rear, bolted onto the back of an existing music school.

Theatretech acted as overall architectural designers for the scheme as well as theatre consultant designers.

Framlingham College 01
Framlingham College 02
Framlingham College 03
Framlingham College 04
Framlingham College 05
Framlingham College 06
Framlingham College 07
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