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Epsom College


Big School Conversion and Studio Theatre

Theatretech carried out a major conversion of the original school building known as Big School, dating from 1854 and Grade 2 star listed. The work included a new permanent gallery with protected stairwells each side, and retractable seating blocks each side of a central ‘vomitorium’ entrance from a small entrance foyer.

The Hall floor and panelling was completely renewed, and a new supply air ventilation system was installed under the floor with branches supplying faux radiators down the side of the hall. To prevent music and the spoken word to disappear up into the steeply pitched roof, three curved acoustic reflector canopies were installed over the stage end, and various rigging and lighting bars were suspended between the canopies. Multi-service outlets for audio and lighting are concealed behind the wall panelling when not in use, and lighting and audio control is set up temporarily when required at the rear of the gallery.

Theatretech also worked with NVB architects to convert 4 redundant squash courts into  Studio Theatre and separate Dance Studio, with dressing rooms, control room etc.

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