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British School


A new theatre for the British School in Muscat, Oman, was completed in the late summer 2019.

The theatre is a 350 seat fixed seat fan-shaped auditorium with no structural proscenium, the downstage format being created by moveable towers and draperies which can all be moved off-stage to create an open flat floor.

Additional mobile retractable seating units can be moved onto the stage area to create theatre in the round, or thrust formats, increasing the audience potential to well over 500. Side balcony areas allow space for performers of musicians.

The overstage area is equipped with power hoists and fixed rigging, and there is a complex of lighting catwalks and fly galleries which are all at a common level, providing safe access throughout the roof spaces. 

This is an exciting project not only for the School but for the wider Muscat community, whom the theatre is also intended to serve.

British School Muscat 01
British School Muscat 02
British School Muscat 03
British School Muscat 04
British School Muscat 05
British School Muscat 06
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