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American University of the Middle East


Theatretech have been working with AUM for six years, and have recently delivered two theatres, one a 1500 seat semi-proscenium space with seating arranged over a gallery and stalls level, and a smaller 500 seat space along similar lines, but with just one level of seating.

The theatres will be largely used by the University for lectures, presentations, seminars and general conference use. However there is the intention to use it for drama, dance and music and visiting companies who are beginning to find suitable venues in the region. Consequently the theatres are equipped with a reasonable amount of rigging, and a full complement of stage lighting and high quality digital audio. The large theatre is also equipped with a 3 language simultaneous translation system, and both theatres have projection and camera facilities for large scale conferences.

The theatres are now complete and will be used in the Autumn of 2017.

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